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Eric Ottens, Tokyo

Lake County Press, Waukegan IL

Rick Song, Clincinatti, OH

Daryle Macoicha, Washington DC

Julie Mojica, Chicago

Z. Milak
, Rome

, Chicago

Bourbon, Washington DC

Catherine Dillon, St. Charles IL

Neema Enriquez
, Washington DC

Jerome Gaynor, St. Louis

Kevin Ambrose
, Homer Glen IL

Illinois Entertainer, Chicago

Winepress, Homewood IL

Matthew Myers
, Chicago

The Mushuganas, Chicago

Emily Dennison, Chicago

Usama Alshaibi, Chicago

Kristie Alshaibi, Chicago

Kathleen Erickson
, Carpentersville, IL

Jeff Ottens, Chicago

Mary DeRosa, Washington DC

, St. Louis MO

Jeffrey Canfiled, Burke VA

Bruce Thompson, Smyrna GA

Andrew Streicher, Little Rock AR

Doug Donsbach, Knoxville TN

Adam Landsman, Patomic MD

Arlene Rosenbaum, Rohnert Park CA

Jeff Stidham, Walla Walla WA

Brian Teixeira, Downington PA

Jennifer White, Rowlett TX

Bert Mojica, Cicero IL

Sarah Crossley
, Chicago

Vibhuti Hate, Washington DC

Toren Smith
, San Francisco

Mara Zupsich, Los Angeles

Silas Dilworth, Chicago

Mark Rodekohr, Oakton VA

Liisa Hantsoo, Philadelphia PA

Joana L. McCracken, Reston VA

Greg Sanders, Silver Spring MD

Christine Wormuth, Arlington VA

Jonathan Gad
, Mount Prospect IL

Barbara Mojica, Cicero IL

Simina Farcasiu, Roslyn Harbor NY

Carrie Maiorano, Mississauga ON

James Miller, Arlington VA

The Jawa Report
, The Internets

Rachel Posner, Washington DC

Joe Torre, Atlanta GA

Pierre Chao, Washington DC

Craig Hutler, Chicago

Mary King, Alexandria VA

Joan Sladaritz, Streamwood IL

Kevin O'Leary, Chicago

Tanya Tarr, Washington DC

Mid Continent Corporation
, Elk Grove Village IL

Leon Shahabian, Washington DC

Peter Jefferson, Chicago

Ky Henderson, Brooklyn

Lauren Liss, Chicago

Joshua Zucker, NYC

Ruth Lopez, Chicago

Ryan B. Thomas, NYC

Stephen Immerwahr, NYC

Braden King

Annie Tomlin, Chicago

Alan Richardson, Los Banos CA

Adam Andres, Carol Stream IL

Gabrielle Zucker
, Baltimore MD

Alysia Kinsella, Chicago

Crystal MacKinnon, Chicago

Stephen Bagwell, Madison WI

Mary Beth Brennan
, Washington DC

Anna Kolodziej, Norridge IL

Mia Park, Chicago

Jenna Rounds, Watertown MA

Roxxane Ong, Elmsford NY

Porochista Khakpour

Rod Scholl, Minneapolis MN

Brian Kinsella, Chicago

Robert Pietrusko, Malvern PA

Eugene Auh, NYC

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Roctober, Chicago

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Ali-Mehran Khalili
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Pirus Press, Glasgow Scotland

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Eerik Hantsoo
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Patrick Keller
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Scott Willis
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Debbie Stroman, Washington DC

Catherine Mason, Richmond VA

Raymond F. Dubois, Washington DC

Tanya Primiani, Washington DC

Paul McKay, Smithfield RI

Matthew Shultz, NYC

Walter Yoon
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David Scruggs, Washington DC

Melanie Faith, Schaumburg IL

Travis Elliott, Willow Street PA

Bates Gill, Clarksburg, MD

Aimee Bucher, Lake Villa IL

Steven Smith, St. Louis MO

The Royale, St. Louis MO

Kim Baynit, St. Louis MO

Dara Thomas, St. Louis MO

Jason Toon, St. Louis MO

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Sarah Taylor, London

Adam Reeve, Duffy Austrailia

Doki-Doki Designs, St. Louis MO

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Rosamaria Garcia
, Belvidere IL

Clare Ros, Chicago

David Razowsky, Los Angeles

Daniel Gregory, Arlington VA

Jordan Razowsky
, Evanston IL

Amanda Mueller, St. Louis MO

Christina Mason, Washington DC

Sarah Taylor, London UK

Jill Tyler, Washington DC

Charles Sutherland, Kensington MD


Christmas in Darfur: A film by Jim Milak and Jason Mojica. Produced by G. Ryan Faith and Rachel Razowsky


In December of 2006, three nerds from Chicago came up with the idea to travel to the refugee camps on Sudan’s border in hopes of finding out what it would really take to “save Darfur.”

With neither filmmaking experience nor a great deal of common sense, Jim Milak (an IT guy), Jason Mojica (a waiter), and G. Ryan Faith (a policy wonk) asked friends, family, and the denizens of the Internet to help them make this journey. Donations started trickling in, as if a testament to the general public inability to comprehend how so many people could be killed for so long without anybody doing anything about it. They came from the U.S. and they came from England. They came from Ambassadors and they came from busboys. Mostly, they came from complete strangers.

At a time when Sudan was charging journalists with espionage, neighboring Chad was fending off coup attempts, and aid agencies were evacuating personnel, coverage of the issue was on the decline. It was a catch 22: the more dangerous things became, the more important it was to call attention to it; the more dangerous things became, the less likely anyone would be there to call attention to it.

But armed with a DV camera, bulletproof vests, and insatiable curiosity, Jim, Ryan and Jason decided to go for it. They met rebels and they met refugees. They met humanitarians and they met politicians. Everyone had a solution and everyone had a heart of gold. And yet, for all the best intentions… not much has changed.

So what’s the point? What’s was the point of making this film? What’s the point of watching it? Good question. Christmas in Darfur? serves to illuminate a crisis that has been oversimplified for the admirable sake of drawing the world’s attention to what is undeniably a catastrophe—revealing a bit of the complexity that needs to be understood if a practicable solution is ever to be found. The film also shows how easy it is to become overwhelmed by this complexity—something that happened to our intrepid travelers. Finally, it demonstrates what happens when everyday people take it upon themselves to play a part in the world unfolding around them.

Although the trio have finished the film and posted it online for all the world to see, they’re still trying to recoup the cost of making the film and scrounge together money to translate it into Arabic, French, and Chinese. Additionally, they are hoping to fund a grassroots speaking / screening tour of college campuses, barrooms, backyards and basements. If this sounds like a worthy cause to you, donate a few bucks via Paypal, won’t you? And please, enjoy the film.





Watch the Film:

Read the Blog:
We went, we saw, we what!? Get the answers at the Christmas in Darfur Blog:
Christmas in Darfur Blog

Boing Boing:
Sean Bonner goes behind the scenes of Christmas in Darfur for Boing Boing...

TV Appearances:
See the filmmakers on Chicago Tonight with Phil Ponce...

And on Washington DC's WUSA with Andrea Roane...


Chicago Tribune
The Tribune's Robert Elder chats with Jim about the film.

Radio Interview:
Listen to an interview with Jason Mojica on Chicago Public Radio's Vocalo.

Upcoming Events:

Los Angeles, CA
June 22, 2009

2692 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
7pm - FREE
Join Jim, Jason, and Ryan in Los Angeles for the premiere screening and a chat about the film. RSVP via Facebook.

Past Events:
We hosted several events to raise funds for the first stage of this project. Watch this space for upcoming events including the screenings of the film. But for posterity, let's remember the good time we had in...

Washington DC
December 20, 2007:
2321 18th St. NW
Washington, DC
8pm - $5
Guest DJ Laura Burhenn

December 17, 2007:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia
Chicago, IL
- $5

St. Louis
December 23, 2007

The Royale
3132 Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO

October 15, 2006:
The Mushuganas, Winepress, and DJs Rebecca Crawford & Emily Dennison of The Dials

Sunday, Oct. 15th, 2006
$10 / 21 and up
2210 W. Chicago Ave.

Washington, DC
November 15, 2006
DJs Neville C. and D-Mac, plus a very special happy-hour set by Jason Mojica pitting two of the greatest crooners of our generation against each other: Frank Sinatra and Glen Danzig. Additional performance by Matthew Shultz.

Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 2006
$5 / 21 and up
2321 18th St. NW
Washington, DC

St. Louis, MO
December 7, 2006
St. Louis - December 7

Join Mark Early, Jason Mojica, Jason Toon, and Jerome Gaynor at The Royale as they spin their favorite punk, funk, and other junk. Proceeds from drink and dinner specials will go to Christmas in Darfur and Reporters Without Borders.

Thursday, December 7th, 2006
The Royale
3132 Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO